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Dates and times for our dance classes…

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Our studio is based in The Warehouse, Middlewich Street, Crewe, CW1 4EA

For Street Dance, Tumble, Contemporary, Break please contact Billie on 07590833056 or info@viadance.co.uk

For Irish Dance please contact Catherine on 07973428081

For Pole-Fit please contact Faye on 07966022540 or faye@pole-fit.co.uk


6.30-8pm – Irish Dance  All Levels Studio 2

5-6pm – Hype Team (invitation only) Studio 1 (£5)

7-8pm – Contemporary Dance  Studio 1 (£5)

8-9pm – Finesse Team (invitation only) Studio 1( £5)


5-6pm – Sugar Rush Team (invitation only) studio 1 (£5)

6-7pm – 5-7yrs Street Dance Studio 1 (£5)

7-8pm – Sinead Darnell Street Dance Studio 2 (£5)

7-8pm – 8-11yrs Street Dance Beginner/Intermediate Studio 1 (£5)

8-9pm – 12-17yrs Street Dance Beginner Studio 1 (£5)


6-7pm – Irish Dance Beginners Studio 2

7-8pm – Irish Dance Intermediate Studio 2

6-8pm –  Advanced Street Dance  with Joe Price Studio 1 (£10)

8-9pm – Girls Only Diva Class Studio 1 (£5)

8-9pm – Adults Street Dance Beginners (£5)


5-5.45pm – 8-11yrs Street Studio 2 (£4)

5.45-6.15pm – Tumble Tots 4-7yrs Studio 2 (£4)

5.30-6.30pm – Break Dance Beginner/Intermediate Studio 1 (£5)

6.15-7pm – Teens Tumble 8+yrs Studio 2 (£4)

6.30-7pm – Pre Primary Ballet  Studio 1 (£4)

7-7.45pm – Grade 2 Ballet Studio 1 (£4)

7-7.45pm Beginners Street Dance Studio 2 (£4)

7.45-8.30pm Intermediate Street Dance Studio 2 (£4)

8.30-9.15pm All Styles Studio 2 (£4)


10am-1pm – Irish Dance Studio 2


4.30pm-5.30pm Pole-Fit Studio 1

5.30pm-6.30pm Pole-Fit Studio 1

6.30pm-7.30pm Pole-Fit Studio 1


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Latest News

New class with Liam Pentland!

Liam Pentland will be joining us at Viadance every Tuesday 6.45-8pm only £10 per class, pay as you go.


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What’s on

Monday Hype 5-6pm, Contemporary 7-8pm, Finesse 8-9pm

Tuesday – Sugar Rush 5-6pm, Street Dance 5-7yrs 6-7pm, Beginners/intermediate Street Dance 8-11yrs 7-8pm, Sinead Darnell Street Dance 7-8pm, 12-17yrs Street Dance Beginners/intermediate 8-9pm,

Wednesday –  Joe Price Advanced Street Dance, 6-8pm,  Girls Diva 8-9pm, Adults Street Dance Beginners 8-9pm

Thursday – 8-11yrs Street Dance 5-5.45pm, Tumble Tots 5.45-6.15pm Break beginner/intermediate 5.30 – 6.30pm, Teens Tumble 6.15-7pm,  Pre primary Ballet 6.30-7pm Grade 2 Ballet 7-7.45pm, Beginners Street Dance 7-7.45pm, Intermediate Street Dance 7.45-8.30pm, All Styles 8.30pm-9.15pm



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